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RUBEN'S AUTO PARTS AND AUTO REPAIR is a family owned business that started in 2009 as an auto repair shop only, and started selling brake parts and suppension parts to walk in custumers in 2010, but by our custumers request we started selling different things besides brakes. For example water pumps, timming belts, radiators rack and pinions, starters, brake power busters, cv axels, powersteering pumps, everything that is need it for a car. besides we still do auto repair to.

Brands that we sell and use in the repair shop

BENDIX, Standar, Centric, Airtex, Autolite, A1Cardone, Wagner, Dayco, Monroe Shocks & Struts, Anco, Denso, KYB Shocks And Struts, Moog Chassis Parts, Gates, Stant, Champion, Luk clutches, etc